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2022, Russia
Application to increase the tourist attractiveness of the city and improve the quality of life of city residents.

The functionality of the Elista App allows you to create your own event, see all current events and tours of the city, get acquainted with the cultural and scientific life of the city, and receive privileges for users when booking and purchasing tickets.
Elista App
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2023, Uzbekistan
An online training and certification school for financiers and business owners.

The school has more than 30,000 graduates and 1,050 client companies. The new platform makes it easy to access information about all courses, as well as free training. Clients can use both the desktop version of the platform and the mobile app. Separate personal accounts are provided for teachers and students for information management and personalization.
Profi Training
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2023, Serbia
An AI-powered job and job search app developed from the ground up.

The application includes 4 main sections: user profile and chats. As part of the concept, a new interface was developed from scratch, basic interaction mechanics, and a mini UI Kit. Six main user scenarios were developed: find jobs, find professionals, create a challenge, view challenges, edit profile, and leave a message in chat. This includes both web application concept and mobile application development.
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2020, Russia
A private music school for everyone.

The site allows you to quickly sign up for lessons and pay for services. To make registration for classes fast and convenient, a new form with course selection and necessary fields was created. This solution increased the number of enrollments more than three times in the first month of the site’s operation.
Guitar Art Studio
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