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art direction, web-design, branding
art direction: Suntsov Dmitry
UI/UX design: Litvinova Karina, Sanina Maria, Suntsov Dmitry
development: Litvinova Karina, Suntsov Dmitry
branding & communications: Suntsov Dmitry
2019 - now

private music school for everybody
The school has been in existence since 2014, but full work on the website and communications began only in 2019. The school has its own staff of teachers who are professionals in their field, and several permanent classrooms. Reporting concerts and scheduled events are held annually. Plans are underway to launch an online course.
regular students
training courses
No corporate identity. No modern logo. There is no visual communication, not even a simple sign or sticker on the building where the school is located. The site exists only "to be", does not carry out any useful function: no lessons to sign up, no classes to pay, no prices to see. Customers do not understand the value of the studio, the professionalism of teachers, the flow of students stopped.”
website, logo, signage, printed materials, stickers. Choose a bright but understated style, so as not to indicate too adult or, conversely, children’s audience (lessons are available to people of all ages!) Divide courses by colors, so that it is immediately clear where and what. Select the style of materials so that everything looks neat and professional.
Make everything new:
The font logo consists of hand-drawn letters specifically for the school, and the basis for the shape of the symbol was a plectrum, an indispensable aid to many musicians. The logo exists in several variations and colors, changing depending on the situation, the training course, and the location.
The main goal is to enroll 
the user in the course!
user flow
To make registration for classes fast and convenient, a new form with course selection and the necessary information fields has been made. There are not a lot of fields and selection options so that the process takes literally a couple of seconds. This solution increased the number of entries by more than 3 times in the first month of the site’s operation.
Now all the appointments for classes do not start with “tell us about the prices,” as before, but with the phrase “we looked at everything on the website, we would like to study with
this teacher.” There were so many students and teachers that they had to expand and open additional classes. There’s already a big demand for online courses because there’s a demand for them, and thanks to the new website, it’s only growing.

New students don’t get lost in the office building when they come for their first class, but can easily find the right classroom by signs and signs that will be understandable even to those who can’t read. Business cards want to be shared, and branded diplomas and certificates of graduation are not ashamed to be placed in a prominent place.
All work in the project:
consulting, creation of corporate style writing terms of reference for developers, writing terms of reference for interior designer, work on design of offline point, preparation of presentations, make-up of printed products (booklets, business cards, signs, signs, etc.), selection of photos, photo processing, video editing, font selection, work with typography, creation of graphic illustrations, web development, web design, employee management, teamwork, employee search, creation of visual strategy and visual concepts.
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