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branding, type design
2021 - 2022

hand-made cheeses by izori
The work with Izori lasted about a year. During this time a lot was done: the corporate identity was developed and implemented, the stores and the cheese dairy itself were decorated, houses for living on the farm were built, the website, packaging and much more was created. It is now possible to buy cheesemaker products offline and in the online store.
types of products
locations (farm and store)
Lack of corporate identity, a unified system of communication, an unremarkable store, no interest in the farm and products, a lack of understanding by customers of the values and characteristics of the brand.
Update all visual communications, keeping the old naivety and simplicity, but adding a premium, more emphasis on the natural properties and benefits. Create an accent font that mimics the lettering made "on the knees," right on the farm, as soon as the product was ready.
Update the corporate identity
The farm has its own recognizable visual style and language that customers and partners understand.
IZORI is no longer just a store or local production, but a whole system that includes much more than just buying cheese.
All work in the project:
consulting, creation of corporate identity, maintenance of existing corporate identity, redesign, writing terms of reference for the photographer, writing terms of reference for developers, work on interior design, work on the design of off-line points, preparation of product presentations, make-up of printed products (booklets, business cards, signs, signs, etc.), creation of product packaging, preparation for printing product packaging, creating labels, social media design, creating animations, photo editing, video editing, font selection, font creation, work with typography, web design, web development on Tilda, creation of graphic illustrations, creation of visual strategy and visual concepts.
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