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art direction, branding
2022 - now

unique health supplements
Muhomorych produces products based on nature: ointments, tinctures, supplements, herbal gatherings, kits to strengthen immunity and improve sleep. Products are sold around the world, adding new products to their range. The work with Muhomorych started in May 2022 and is still going on.
clients worldwide
units annually
There is no unified brand identity or approach to visual language that promotes the benefits of the products and emphasizes their safety. Many potential customers are afraid of incomprehensible red pills ("what if it’s something banned?!") It is important to move away from the image of the fly agaric mushroom as dangerous, to show the message "fly agaric is a friend and helper.
Focus on bright packaging with a branded (and friendly!) mojo character, alternate colors and patterns. Standardize the appearance of all visual media, emphasize safety and usefulness. Combine old Slavic, fairy-tale motifs and modern images of medicines.
Change the emphasis
A unified design style for products, social networks and pages on marketplaces that immediately stands out and is recognizable among others.
The most important thing is that now the products don't look scary, dangerous or too serious. Colorful jars attract attention, they can even be used as decor. There are more customers and more products, too. At least seven new products have been launched during the period of work.
All work in the project:
consulting, creation of corporate identity, maintenance of existing corporate identity, redesign, writing terms of reference for a photographer, writing terms of reference for developers, writing terms of reference for an interior designer, work on the design of the off-line point, preparation of product presentations, make-up of printed products (booklets, business cards, signs, plates, etc.), product packaging, preparation for printing product packaging, creating labels, logistics, social media design, creating animations, photo processing, video editing, font selection, work with typography, creation of graphic illustrations, creation of visual strategy and visual concepts.
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