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branding, packaging
2021 - now

the largest producer of 100% natural products
Project work with Honey House has been going on since 2021 and is still going on. The tasks are varied: from developing a new visual communication language for social media to branding branded cars and product design.
annual turnover
tons annually
Make several packages for different product lines, standardize and update the visuals of social networks, brand a car, exhibition stand, online store pages.
Emphasize minimalist designs and simple contrasting fonts. Introduce drawing elements in combination with calm, warm photos. Point out the naturalness and naturalness while adhering to the overall brand identity and concept.
Standardize branding
The unified line of design for products, social networks and pages on marketplaces. Clear and understandable branding, regardless of where it is placed: on a business card or a lorry.
Created recognizable product packaging that went on sale in retail chains and continues to be sold to this day.
All work in the project:
consulting, creation of corporate identity, maintenance of existing corporate identity, redesign, writing terms of reference for the photographer, preparation of product presentations, make-up of printed products (booklets, business cards, signs, signs, etc.), creation of product packaging, preparation for printing product packaging, creation of labeling, social media design, creating animations, photo processing, video editing, font selection, work with typography, creating graphic illustrations, design of billboards, design of a truck, design of showcases with products, creation of visual strategy and visual concepts.
Next project
i am always looking for new projects. To get in touch, email me at dsunt.design@gmail.com
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