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SoCode is a unique augmented reality streetwear brand born out of a desire to speak out against the stereotypes of the world and the censorship that surrounds us all. The brand uses augmented reality technology, so that when scanning a QR code, the picture on the clothes comes to life and shows its interactive part.
There is a cool idea and blanks of prints, but there is no unique stylistic element that reflects the spirit and style of the brand.
that imitates the sloppiest handwritten letters possible. It is important to preserve the legibility of the letters, so that the words can be read. This font will be one of the key elements of the design, will be used on the website, in social networks and, most importantly, on clothing.
Make a cool display font,
Now there is a cool unique font that includes Cyrillic, Latin, numbers and signs. There are over 170 new characters in total. This font has become one of the key design elements, the garment doesn’t even need a logo to make it immediately clear — it’s SoCode.
All work in the project:
work within the existing corporate identity, font selection, font creation, work with typography, creation of visual concepts.
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